Our workshops ورش العمل

Arabic Calligraphy الخط العربي

RFLCT Creative Arts Center offers a variety of Arabic Calligraphy Classes ranging from Nashkh to Diwani as well as artistic Arabic words formations.  The classes welcome both Arabic and non Arabic speakers. Mr. Houssam Khorshid, ...

Basics of Drawing أساسيات الرسم

The best age to start taking your kids through the basics of drawing is 7 years old.  Before that we take them into a journey of exploring colors, shapes and simple techniques. Learning the basics ...

Candle Carving نحت الشمع

The course takes the students through the construction of candles and allows them to create their own candle by covering the core candle in layers of colored wax.

Crochet كروشيه

RFLCT Creative Arts’ popular Crochet classes are conducted in the morning and the afternoon sessions. various levels are available.

Ebru إبرو

RFLCT Creative Arts Center offers Ebru art classes suitable for ages 10 years +

Embroidery Painting التلوين بالخيوط

Using a number of techniques, you will be producing breathtaking pieces in no time at RFLCT Creative Arts.

Fluid Art سكب الألوان

Known as Acrylic Pouring, this art spread quickly for its joyful process and the beautiful colorful results it delivers

Mosaic Art موزاييك

After more than 25 years of working with mosaics, Nassim Al Majed mastered the classic and modern mosaic craft techniques.  Her workshop are designed for each age group and skill level. Length of session: 2 ...

Origami أوريغامي

After years of volunteering to teach refugee kids the basics of Origami Art, Rana Haimour joined our center with the passion to spread this relaxing art in Abu Dhabi. Length of Session: One Hour Minimum ...

Paper Quilling طي الورق

RFLCT Creative Arts offers Paper Quilling Art using modern tools and designs. Classes are suitable for all ages. located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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