Truly, it’s time that we begin to unravel the stereotypes surrounding art
and help demystify the art world.

Art shouldn’t be a wealth issue! Art certainly is the reflection of the soul and should rather be a common language connecting people across all barriers.

Art has been an essential part of human history for thousands of years. The first signs of art were simple paintings on cave walls which showed hunting scenes and other daily events. It developed into more abstract forms such as sculptures and performances, enabling art to have a wide range of expressions.

Globally, Academia and Elitism attempted to preserve art and maintain strict ruling guidelines. Unfortunately, that backfired and kept artists confined and conforming. While art is all about creativity, “Academia” unintentionally produced cookie-cut “artists” who might be great graduates but struggle to present something new!

The action of producing art itself is not elitist.  However, the Art Industry, Academia, Critics, Auction Galleries, with all due respect, can create a gap and isolate artworks from the community. Art elitism divides good artists from bad artists according to their social status or views on art world’s commercialism.

We are not saying that the role of those professions is negative or unnecessary, it definitely adds value in capturing history, understanding trends and valuating produced art. However; valuations and criticism set a direction for upcoming artworks and create molds.

NFT’s impact

Art should be accessible to everyone, no matter their financial status. With the global access to the internet, more and more people are able to watch online tutorials, learn more about the basics required to start their first artwork and start concurring that world.  One can argue that with the hype of the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and the ease of producing and selling digital art, art is finally becoming “for everyone”.  But that argument is lost when you see the astronomical figures paid for a single NFT.

Our role

We at RFLCT Creative Arts, encourage aspiring artists and those who would like enjoy art to get involved with us. Be it few minutes or few hours of your day, we hope we can contribute to your high sense of achievement. Find some time today and try to get involved in an art activity or class.

Our online classes are affordable and accessible worldwide and for an unlimited time.  Learn more here