Art is a subject that’s gaining irresistible momentum, and it’s now being integrated into various educational organizations.

This doesn’t come as a surprise; it’s just a matter of time before we’ll see how much art has offered us. The future of the world is painting itself in vivid colors, and there will be no limits to what art can accomplish. We are seeing how arts and sports are paving their way towards the future of learning.

The world is a crazy place and we need to utilize everything at our disposal in order to survive it. A good education should encompass the wide array of abilities that are important for success, and there’s no reason why arts could not be an important part of it. Education through arts in enjoyable, indeed!

When it comes to our children, we all want the best for them. Although technology has considerably changed our world and given us unprecedented access to information and opportunities in education, it seems that our academic achievements in STEM subjects are higher than in Arts and Sports.

We are sure that those of us with children would want our kids to be involved in the Arts and Sports. Because we believe that this will help them develop skills, character traits, and attributes that can improve their overall personalities in the long run.

Art is a source of social cohesion. If parents made more use of the positive educational power of art, they would be able to give their children a richer and more progressive life. The skills to be gained from music, art and sports are sometimes completely underrated.

The Global Goals identified Quality Education as the 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG#4).  While many interpreted that as a focus on STEM we would like to encourage prioritizing not only the study of Arts and Sports but also deploying Art as a mean to educate other subjects.

Our role

Because we believe that education through art is enjoyable, the workshops we have been introducing at RFLCT are designed to prove that.  From Identifying a topic and creating related Arts and Crafts projects to teaching the Arabic Language through Arts. The level of engagement we see from the children is thrilling.