Jan 27 2022


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Art Meditation Workshop-Abu Dhabi

‎التسجيل مفتوح لورشة التأمل في الفن
‎ابتداءً من الخميس ٢٧ يناير ٢٠٢٢
‎من الساعة ٦:٠٠ -٨:٣٠ مساءً
١٥ عام وما فوق
‎‏Registration is open for Art Meditation Workshop
Starting on Thursday 27th January 2022
From 6:00-8:30pm
15 years and above

Workshop Content:
Discover your inner self through an art meditation workshop
Discover the power of healing through art
Know your emotions through colors
Know your values your goals and reflect it on your own piece of art
Combination art work shop that combine coaching, meditation and art
Experience that will enlighten you
الورشة عبارة عن حصة واحدة
مدتها ساعتان ونصف
السعر:٣٠٠ درهم
شامل الأدوات المستخدمة أثناء الورشة

The Workshop is 1 Session
2.5 hours’ long
Price: 300AED
Including the supplies to be used at the workshop

‎‏‎‏Trainer: Dr. Lamees Abu Haliqa

‎‏Doctor Lamees AbuHlaiqa combined her profession as Medical doctor with over 18 years of experience in public health along with her passion to share knowledge which led her to be an NLP practitioner, executive Coach, relationship coach and Wellness Coach.
‎‏‎مستوى الورشة: سهل للمبتدئين
‎‏‎الورشة لا تتطلب مهارات مسبقة

‎‏Workshop level: Easy
‎‏No prior artistic skills required

‎‏‎نظرا لأن الأماكن محدودة، يجب التسجيل المسبق الورشة

‎‏‎‏Due to the limited space, prior registration is required

‎‏‎الورشة تستقبل النساء فقط

‎‏women only workshops

‎‏‎For Registration contact :
050 625 4511

Sold out!
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