Piano Classes in Abu Dhabi


Mar 06 2022

TimeSundays & Tuesdays

4:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Piano Lessons-Abu Dhabi

 حصص العزف على البيانو للمبتدئين

Beginners Piano Classes In Abu Dhabi, Khalifa City.

Our Piano classes, like all other music classes we present, are very easy, engaging and immediately rewarding.  We do not follow conventional academic way of teaching music, nor are we rigid and boring! We have designed our classes with our Musicians to carry on our vision of making art accessible to everyone.
Whether you’re looking for Piano classes in Abu Dhabi for your children, or want an introductory or an advanced class for yourself, we customize our music classes to match your expectations.
Our recently acquired digital piano in Abu Dhabi has been attracting students like a magnet! Sign up for an introductory session today!

التسجيل مفتوح لحصص العزف على البيانو للمبتدئين

‏Registration is open for Piano lessons for beginners

6 حصص – كل حصة مدتها ٤٥ دقيقة
كل أحد و ثلاثاء
سعر الدورة 1200 درهم

يتوفر لدينا الات موسيقية للطلب

‏6 lessons – each session is 45 minutes’ long
‏Every Sundays & Tuesdays
‏The course price is 1200 dirhams
‏We have musical instruments available to order-
‏Language: Arabic and English
‏Workshop level: Easy
‏No prior artistic skills required

‏‎نظرا لأن الأماكن محدودة، يجب التسجيل المسبق الورشة

‏‎‏Due to the limited space, prior registration is required
‏Contact us for Booking & Reservation: 050 625 4511

‏‎الورشة تستقبل النساء و الرجال و الأطفال من عمر 7 سنوات

‏‎‏Men and women welcomed, kids from 7 years old

‏‎تقام الورشة في أبو ظبي.. مدينة خليفة ..
‏We comply with the precautionary measures of constant sanitization and social distancing for your safety

‏‎‏The workshop will be conducted in Abu Dhabi, Khalifa city A

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