Oct 04 2023

TimeTakes place every Wednesday

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Resin Art Workshop-Abu Dhabi

جل معنا الان لورشة فن الريزن للكبار في أبوظبي
‎Registration is open for Resin Art Workshop for Adults

‎كل اربعاء
‎ورشة مسائية
‎من ٥:٠٠ – ٧:٠٠ مساءًا
‎مقابل ٣٥٠ درهم ‎

‎تشمل الدورة :
‎طريقة خلط مواد الريزن
‎طريقة صب الريزن و تلوينه
‎يحصل كل مشترك على عمله الفني

‎Every Wednesday
Evening workshop from
5:00pm – 7:00pm

For AED350

Course axes
– Safety Instructions
Definition of resin
Resin art tools
Resin mixing ratios
Common mistakes
– practical application

‎اللغة: العربية

‎‏Language: Fluent Arabic

‎الفنانة:نسيم الماجد

‎مستوى الدورة: سهل.
‎الورشة لا تتطلب مهارات رسم مسبقة

‎‏Class level: Easy
‎‏No prior artistic skills required

‎نظراً لأن الاماكن محدودة، يجب التسجيل المسبق للدورة

‎‏Due to the limited space, prior registration is required.

‎رقم التواصل ٠٥٠٦٢٥٤٥١١
Contact number 0506254511

Resin art is one of the most trending forms of art nowadays, and we’ve made it available to you! Whilst
some may not know it by its name, but resin is a medium used for making a variety of items such as
trays, paperweights, and even as a top coat for artworks. It offers a plastic-like texture once dried and
learning how it works with us can help you creatively explore its structure. At RFLCT, we teach you to
make resin trays inspired by the seaside, where you can learn to create a gradient of colors with the help
of our wide range of RFLCT-made mediums. If you’re looking to get artistically productive, this simple
workshop is for you!

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Resin Art Workshop-Abu Dhabi AED350

Every Wednesday (1 Session) @5:00-7:00PM

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