Jun 13 2021


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Sand Painting Workshop- Al Ain

Workshop content:
• Introduction to Sand Painting
• An introduction to the different techniques of Sand Painting
• Each participant gets his own project

Price : AED 300 includes Supplies
سعر الورشة : 300 درهم شامل الادوات

‎‏‎اللغة: العربية و الانجليزية
‎‏‎‏Language: Fluent Arabic and English

‎‏‎الفنانة: سامية صالح
‎‏‎‏Artist: Samia Saleh
an Egyptian artist who is known for conveying emotional scenes using a mix of abstract imagery and realistic portraits
‎‏‎مستوى الدورة: سهل.
‎‏‎الورشة لا تتطلب مهارات رسم مسبقة

‎‏‎‏Class level: Easy
‎‏‎‏No prior artistic skills required

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