Watercolor الألوان المائية

Watercolor painting is a distinctive medium, straddling the worlds of painting and drawing to create a unique art form. Paints are made of pigments suspended in a water-soluble medium and can be applied to everything from paper to canvas, and from wood to fabrics. (art-mine.com)

At RFLCT Creative Arts, the watercolor class is simplified in order to cater to various skills levels.

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

Crochet كروشيه

While the exact origins of Crochet are unclear as the skill was originally word of mouth, Lis Paludan theorises that crochet evolved from traditional practices in Iran, South America or China, but there is no decisive evidence of the craft being performed before its popularity in Europe during the 19th century. (History Cooperative)

RFLCT Creative Arts’ popular Crochet classes are conducted in the morning and the afternoon sessions. various levels are available.

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

Embroidery Painting التلوين بالخيوط

Thread painting, also called needle painting, is an approach that uses a combination of long and short stitches and a variety of colors to produce embroidery that has the same qualities of a painting. (mymodernmet.com)

Using a number of techniques, you will be producing breathtaking pieces in no time at RFLCT Creative Arts.

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

Ebru إبرو

Ebru is the traditional Turkish art of creating colourful patterns by sprinkling and brushing colour pigments onto a pan of oily water and then transferring the patterns to paper. Known as marbling, this art is commonly used for decoration in the traditional art of bookbinding. The knowledge and skills of Ebru artists, apprentices and practitioners are transmitted orally and through informal practical training within master-apprentice relationships. Ebru encourages dialogue, reinforces social ties and strengthens relations between individuals and communities. (UNESCO)

RFLCT Creative Arts Center offers Ebru art classes suitable for ages 10 years +

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

Paper Quilling طي الورق

During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items. The paper most commonly used was strips of paper trimmed from the gilded edges of books. These gilded paper strips were then rolled to create the quilled shapes.(Wikipedia)

RFLCT Creative Arts offers Paper Quilling Art using modern tools and designs. Classes are suitable for all ages.

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

School Holidays Camps معسكر الإجازات المدرسية

Children will be immersed in engaging art activities and games igniting their curiosity and creativity. RFLCT Creative Arts provides a platforms for kids to improve their communications skills, Hands-eyes-brain coordination, English and Arabic language skills and interpersonal skills.

Every activity is specially designed to nurture a skill or more in a fun filled environment. Art activities vary from mosaics, arts and crafts, clay modeling, drawing, painting, story telling and drama. 60 different activities are lined-up for a month in order to ensure that kids, who chose to visiting us everyday, enjoy a new experience everyday.

The activities will address topics like recycling, caring, sharing, expressing, tolerance, respect to name few.

Ready to host your little ones through out the school holidays

Call us now to register at our 3 hours a day camp, with time options from 9:00am- 12:00noon or from 12:30pm – 3:30pm

Daily Rate: AED 120

Weekly rate: AED 550

Monthly Rate: AED 2,100

Ages: 4 years+

سيستمتع الأطفال ببرنامج حافل بالفنون والألعاب في مركز رفلكت للفنون الإبداعية الذي يشكل منصة لتطوير مهارات التواصل ومهارات التحكم باليد والعين و تقوية استخدام اللغتين العربية والإنجليزية إلى جانب تطوير المهارات الإجتماعية.

تم وضع الأنشطة بحيث نقوم بتطوير مهارة أو أكثر في بيئة محفزة و ممتعة. خلال شهر نقدم ٦٠ نشاط متنوع كفن الموزاييك و الحرف اليدوية و تشكيل الطين و الرسم ، التلوين و التمثيل بحيث نضمن أن يستمتع الأطفال اللذين يختارون أن يزورونا كل يوم بتجربة جديدة يوميا.

تتطرق أنشطتنا لمواضيع عدة منها إعادة التدوير و الإهتمام بالغير والمشاركة والتعبير وتقبل الآخرين والإحترام.

نتطلع لاستقبال أطفالكم الأعزاء و إليكم لمحة عن برامجنا لهذا الموسم.

اتصلوا لتسجلوا أطفالكم ليستفيدوا ويقضوا أوقاتاً ممتعة في هذه الإجازة المدرسية

في الفترات ما بين ٩:٠٠ صباحا إلى ١٢:٠٠ بعد الظهر أو من ١٢:٣٠ بعد الظهر إلي ٣:٣٠ عصرا

الدخول اليومي: ١٢٠ درهم

الإشتراك الأسبوعي: ٥٥٠ درهم

الإشتراك الشهري: ٢١٠٠ درهم

للأعمار من ٤ سنوات

Candle Carving نحت الشمع

The art of Candle Carving is known to be an old craft of a German Origin.

The course takes the students through the construction of candles and allows them to create their own candle by covering the core candle in layers of colored wax.

The students then go through the process of carving and twisting the elastic warm wax until they complete the sculpture like candle.

While this is a class where students will be able to walk out with their first completed candle after a couple of hours, mastering the craftsmanship of this art does require repeated trials.

For bookings please call: +971506254511 or +97125511898 or contact us on Instagram @rflct.arts

Ramadan Camp المعسكر الرمضاني

Occupying the kids with hours of creativity and productivity, the camp runs from 4:00pm -6:00pm throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.  Kids will be engaged with arts and crafts with Ramadhan themes, highlighting the values of care, giving and patience.

يمضي الأطفال ساعات من الإبداع والإنتاجية خلال شهر رمضان الكريم من الساعة ٤:٠٠ مساءا إلى الساعة ٦:٠٠ مساءا

يقدم المركز ورش فنية تعكس القيم الرمضانية كالإهتمام بالغير والعطاء والصبر




Arabic Calligraphy الخط العربي

RFLCT Creative Arts Center offers a variety of Arabic Calligraphy Classes ranging from Nashkh to Diwani as well as artistic Arabic words formations.  The classes welcome both Arabic and non Arabic speakers.

Mr. Houssam Khorshid, is a Calligrapher and a researcher who tells intriguing stories about the history of Calligraphy as he teaches the artistic formation of the letters.  His class suits non-Arabs too as he shows a step-by-step guide to draw the letters.

Length of sessions: 2 Hours

Minimum Number of sessions: 5

Timing: Please call the center to check the schedule

Basics of Drawing أساسيات الرسم

Private Classes

AED 250 ($70) per hour


12 Hours Package

AED 1200 ($330)


8 Hours Package

AED 1000 ($275)


Basics of Drawing

One hour class AED 150 ($40)


The best age to start taking your kids through the basics of drawing is 7 years old.  Before that we take them into a journey of exploring colors, shapes and simple techniques.

Learning the basics of drawing is a long term process that requires patience and commitment, from both the kid and the parents.

Length of session: One Hour

Minimum number of sessions: 8 sessions

Please call us on 0506254511 to check the timings


We also offer  drawing classes for adults