Fluid Art سكب الألوان

Acrylic Pouring Workshops

Total of 6 Hours of learning the concept and the techniques of Acrylic Pouring AED 600 ($164)



Known as Acrylic Pouring, this art spread quickly for its joyful process and the beautiful colorful results it delivers.

Our Artist Nassim Al Majed, mastered this art and started conducting classes at RFLCT Creative Arts Center.  She managed to introduce this art to students who have never touched paint and the great results assured them that they are capable of producing art!

Length of session: 2 hours

Minimum Session: 3 Sessions

Timing: Can be scheduled to your preference (your preferred days and timing)


Author: RFLCT

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      Yes we do offer groups classes. Discounts vary from a class to another, please call us to learn more.
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