Acrylic Pouring Workshop
Have you ever imagined using objects like a comb or a strainer in art? Well, with this course, you can!
Welcome to our acrylic pouring course, taught by Nassim Al Majed, which takes you on a journey to
explore how colors and different pouring techniques create amazing forms on a canvas. What’s
incredibly exacting about this course, whether you take it online or visit one of our branches, is that the
outcome is always different each time, so we can guarantee that you will create an original artwork from
your first try! Our favorite thing about this course is that there are no rules and you can’t go wrong. Use
this chance to break free and partake in therapeutic art experiences. For those who are just starting to
get into the flow of art and consider themselves complete newbies, this course is perfect for you! It’s
easy and fun, and teaches you how to create sophisticated artworks using the technique of your choice!

Flip Cup Technique
One of the most popular techniques is the flip cup because the results come out amazing and you’re
able to take control of your artwork using simple tilting motions. This technique involves pouring your
selection of colors into a cup that have been previously mixed with our special medium, then flipping the
cup onto the canvas. After lifting your cup, an amazing blob of color appears on your canvas, and this is
where your artistic handprint comes in. Through your movements of the canvas you can manipulate your
artwork to enhance a specific color on the canvas or accentuate the features of your design! It’s
undeniable that the fun part of every acrylic pouring canvas is the use of the blowtorch to produce cells
on your artwork, giving it a unique and professional look!

Flip and Drag Technique
What if we told you we can do more with the flip cup technique? By flipping the cup onto your canvas
then dragging it around whilst lifting gently to release small amounts of the mixture, you are able to take
complete control of the outcome of your artwork. This technique is for those who want to add more to
their canvas and distribute the colors to their liking. You still have the ability to tilt the canvas and
manipulate the layout of the colors after removing the cup since, after all, it is your creative masterpiece!

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